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china latest news about What's Plasma

What's Plasma

[2018-05-09 16:11:32]
Plasma purifier works under graphite point discharge, which is produced through independent tiny units of oxygen molecules in the air, leading to the formation of ozone integration strings. This device will generate a large number of small ion clusters when working in the electric field of more than ... Read More
china latest news about How to use ozone

How to use ozone

[2018-01-02 14:54:23]
Concentration for air treatment. The required ozone concentration is low for air deodorization and sterilization, like 0.5ppm (1mg/m3), while for disinfection for items surface (kill microorganism and remove chemical pollution), the ozone concentration is required dozens of times higher. Ozone ... Read More
china latest news about Is Ozone safe?

Is Ozone safe?

[2017-12-28 14:52:56]
Safe concentration: The ozone concentration of people allowed to expose should be less than 0.2mg/m3. Industrial Hygienic standard of ozone: International Ozone Association: 0.1ppm, exposure for 10 hrs; America: 0.1ppm, exposure for 8 hrs; Germany, France, Japan: 0.1ppm; China: 0.15ppm. Ozone leak ... Read More
china latest news about Benifits of Ozone

Benifits of Ozone

[2017-12-27 14:48:34]
Ozone, not only protects all lives on the earth from direct exposure to ultraviolet ray, but also is a strong oxidant, which can kill various kinds of germs and virus, decompose chemical material without any residue. It’s an excellent green environment-protection material, with unique advantages in ... Read More
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